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JBBC (Japan Bangla Business Center)is a consulting agency which helps our clients build new ties across South Asia (particularly in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar). It is operated by PIKT incorporated.


■PIKT incorporated



Company Name PIKT Corporation
Location 903, Sankyo Biru Honkan, 1-7-10 Iidabashi, Tokyo 102-0072, Japan
Inquiry Mail: info@pikt.jp
Tel: 03-6914-3078
Representative MD Moin, founder and CEOEducation and work experience

  • ・BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), Ritsumeikan Asia PacificUniversity, Japan (Concentration on International Finance & Accounting)
  • ・MBA, University of Tsukuba, Japan, (Concentration on Corporate Finance,Valuation, Derivatives)
  • ・6 years of working experiences in Finance, Accounting & Strategic Marketing
  • ・Fluent in 6 languages (English, Japanese, Bengal, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish)
  • ・Visited 34 countries
Consultant Hiroyuki Sakano
Date of Establishment 2010/10/11
Captial 6 millions yen
Main Bankers The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
Memberships The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry




Message from CEO
I take the utmost pleasure to Welcome you to our website! With the advance of information and communications technologies, tech-savvy and knowledge-based societies are already on the march. One-way communication has been replaced by interactive communications as individuals choose to use smartphones and tablet computers, and the information is then consolidated via Social Networking Services (SNS). On the other hand, we are all witnessing a downtrend in the economy of Japan with lots of manufacturing facilities being transferred to low-cost countries such as China and India. If we look back, in recent years, the global economy as a whole decelerated because of a combination of an economic slowdown in Europe triggered by the sovereign debt crisis and a substantial decrease in Chinese exports. Though last year’s domestic demand in Japan steadily increased until the middle of the fiscal year, due to demands in reconstruction and effects of policies such as Eco-friendly car subsidies, toward the end of the period, however, the Japanese economy weakened due to a decline in domestic production and exports affected by a decelerating global economy.

Consumer spending in Japan remains low as the birthrates continues to decline and the population ages, combined with falling incomes. Meanwhile, emerging nations in Asia are growing steadily, and in 2010 China overtook Japan to become the world’s second largest economy by nominal gross domestic product (GDP). Now that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has concluded, there are many new business opportunities in the Asian Market. Many Japanese companies are therefore seeking to expand in other Asian markets. Our company name, “JBBC”, represents exactly the services which we provide: V stands for “Vision”, A stands for “Asia” and C stands for Consulting. When you envision Asia, you think of JBBC. If you think of South Asia particularly Bangladesh, India and Myanmar – you think of JBBC. JBBC dedicates to help all kinds of Japanese companies develop operations in South Asia countries particularly to Bangladesh, India and Myanmar to lay the foundation for future growth.


As JBBC is based in Tokyo,working with us is like having your own representative office right where your business is taking place. Even better, we can become your official representative office in Japan and Asia particularly in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.We look forward to serving clients who are willing to take advantage of this chance to expand their businesses. It iss time to make Japanese companies truly Global.


At JBBC, our personnel speak and think in Japanese, English, Bengali and Hindi, as proficient native speakers. Together, with my own experience in a few truly global companies in Japan, we provide in-depth support in cross-cultural and multilingual business development by minimizing language and cultural barriers, and bridging differences in commercial and social practices.


We help our clients build new ties across South Asia (particularly in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar), not only from the hardware perspective of businesses, but also from a more holistic and multicultural approach. We recognize that in the end, business is all about people. (Know-How).


Tahmid Moinul
CEO, PIKT Corporation
Head of JBBC group

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